Staking Cardano (ADA) has never been so easy

Easy Staking is among the most competitive and professionally run Cardano staking pools

Our mission is to make staking ADA as simple as possible while running the pool in the most efficient way. The only thing our delegators will have to worry about, is how to spend their rewards. Delegating with us is easy, look for our ticker EASY1 in any of the Cardano wallets, and start accumulating rewards with us. If you’re passionate about tech, follow me on twitter for discovering juicy details of how EASY1 is run behind the scenes!

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Cost optimised pool to maximise your rewards

Differently from Proof of Work, Proof of Stake does not require expensive hardware. Our professionally configured platform is designed to minimize running costs but ensure best performances: rewards will go directly to our delegators

99.9% Uptime

Our multi-relays pool guarantees a high uptime


Our pool automatically recovers in case of hardware or software failure


State of the art technologies to protect from malicious actors

0% Rate

Promotionally, until march 2021, the pool will have 0% variable margin. 1% afterwords.

ARM Cpu Architecture

Our pool is running on a cluster of Raspberry PIs. ARM cpus are a popular alternative to x86_64 as they are more energy efficient

More efficient, less energy

The EASY1 Stake Pool, runs on energy efficient hardware that makes it even more eco friendly.

Cloud technologies, at home

The cardano-staking-pool-edu github project owned and maintained by the EASY1 SPO, contains educational material on how to securely run a Cardano Pool with Kubernetes on Raspberry PI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we replied

To run a cardano node, an operator has to setup two cost parameters: a fixed cost and a variable cost. The fixed cost is, and will always be, the minimum defined by the Cardano protocol: i.e. 340 ADA. Promotionally, until March 2021 when the k param will increase to 1000, we will keep our variable margin to zero. Yeah you heard right! This means all rewards will go to our delegators.
This is not a scam, but rather a marketing investment for us the operators and a token of appreciation to you, our delegators. At EasyStaking we truly understand what it takes to run a stake pool, and our setup is cost optimised so that we can give back to our delegators as much as possible without compromising on the resources invested on our platform.

Yes, absolutely! Your ADA will never leave your wallet. Staking is a built-in feature of Cardano and can be leveraged via all the major wallets.
Official Daedalus and Yoroi wallets are two great examples of wallets that allow you to delegate to your favourite stake pool.

Yes, of course you can. You are always in full control of your coins. While staking you can freely spend or transfer your ADA. The remaining balance will continue to be staked.

Yes! If you would like to delegate your ADA to another stake pool, simply select your new stake pool of choice from the official Daedalus or Yoroi wallets and select the new stake option.

My name is Giovanni Gargiulo and I am an independent Stake Pool Operator.
I have more than a decade of experience in running fault tolerant, self-recovery, on-premise and cloud systems.
I've been following Cardano since the early days, and become a Stake Pool Operator in August 2020 when I setup two testnets pools. After almost five months of learning and studying I've eventually setup my mainnet pool in December 2020 with ticker: EASY1.

Pledge is the amount of ADA a stake pool operator has committed to keep in a pool's payment address. Conceptually it’s a way of proving to delegators that the operator is professional and confident to run a stake pool. Additionally, the amount pledged in a pool, also influences the rewards a pool will pay to its delegators. This factor, that is currently under review at IOG, is however still very small.
Be aware of pools with a low pledge, as it in general shows low level of confidence or professionalism.

At EasyStaking we take security and operations very seriously. I am running an on-premise solution that ensure near-to-zero downtime. Cardano chains are periodically backed up to ensure minimum disruption in case of disaster recovery. Please beware of Operators who claim zero downtime, because, at the moment of writing, it is technically not possible as cardano does not support active-passive or active-active setups yet. Differently from the majority of other operators, our hardware is cost-optimised. Cardano is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency and does not require expensive hardware to run. This allows us to bring running cost to the minimum and allows us (the pool Operator) to keep our variable margin low and still make a profit. This means more rewards to our delegators. Please bewareof operators claiming to spend a lot on hardware, as they show poor understanding of what a Cardano Stake Pool requirements are and are most likely just wasting delegators' rewards.